Rutgers University
Telecommunications Division
Network Operations Multicast Checklist - draft

1. If you are behind a firewall, check with your firewall administrator to see if multicast traffic is allowed.
Cisco whitepaper concerning pix 7.0 configuration for multicast:

2. If your access is T1, wireless, a legacy device, or less than 100Mbits/sec, then you may have problems, check this with someone who knows.
3. Verify your general IP connectivity. Try pinging other devices and browsing the web.
Try our newly deployed Network Diagnostic Tool servers
(NDT from Internet2 E2EP Initiative)

4. If the above are ok, run the multicast tester which will tell you if you are connected on a multicast enabled network.
select "multicast tester"
5. If multicast tester succeeds, try viewing the Research Channel.
and by viewing the 3.5Mbs mpeg-2 format which uses VLC
The VLC open source client can be downloaded at:
6. Try checking RUTV 8 at:

view OSTN

Advanced Users: Try starting a packet capture utility on your machine before connecting to your multicast stream to see if your connecting to correct source for the multicast group destination. Here?s what they should appear like, but subject to change:
Research channel: (,
Watch OSTN TV: (, (, &
Troubleshooting FAQ: